Why We Called?

Received a message or call from us? Don’t worry; we are not here to collect your money. Instead, we are the GOOD guys with some exciting news for you. You might be an owner of abandoned property, and we just called you to notify you of that. However, if we are not calling for property ownership, you might be a possible heir entitled to money. You may also hear from us through messages, social media, and emails. Abandoned property management is time-consuming and costly yet a mandatory function.

However, with Surplus Government Funds on your side, you will have a property foreclosure procedure in less time with reduced capital expenditures. Surplus Government funds is not a government-affiliated company. However, we can assist you in recovering assets from government agencies. Our team is consisted of law experts, experienced professionals, and real estate agents to help you claim tax deed surplus funds and foreclosure.

The recent increase in housing market prices and the recovering economy have helped our foreclosure attorneys recover more clients’ surplus funds than ever. We are a team of highly skilled professionals that you can trust with any complicated real estate problem and foreclosure surplus claims.

What Makes Us Stand Out?




We have been serving in real estate for quite a while now. And our time here has allowed us to see several people swept away from their feet because of property enclosures.

We understand the crisis of being on the edge of losing the property to lenders. We are fully dedicated to helping our clients regain their financial stability in trying times. You may have a lot of money entitled to your name. And we are here to assist you in claiming them.

In times of difficulty, we get that a tiny beam of hope matters a lot. So our team will stay with you from the start till the end. We won’t let others devoid you of what’s rightfully yours. By calling you to inform you about what surplus amount you are entitled to, we help you recover what’s yours; our experts will be by your side at every step. During our years of experience in the real estate industry, we have helped many people recover their funds from people who may digest it without even notice.

Don’t let anyone snatch your money or property—call us!

What We Can Help You With

Surplus Government Funds links the legal owner to their rightful unclaimed assets. It’s your money; you should own it.

We can help you with:

• Claiming foreclosure surplus funds

• Appropriating Tax Deed surplus funds

Claiming money from the government can be a bit complex and overwhelming. Therefore, we bring expertise, research abilities, knowledge, and professionalism to the table to avoid legal confusion and easily navigate through the bureaucracy’s endless hoops to get the necessary final approvals.

Just claim what belongs to you and let us handle the legal formalities. We don’t charge advance or hidden costs. Instead, we believe in providing excellent services tailored according to your needs.