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SGF – FAQ2021-11-11T04:43:42+00:00
How does the process work?2021-11-11T03:00:25+00:00
  • Foreclosure sales are usually handled by a trustee. The amount that is paid and sold for the property is documented by the trustee and upon sale, the trustee should notify the prior owner of excess funds to be collected after deducting costs and liens. Many property sales are sold for more than the cost of the remaining mortgage, which makes surplus money available for most homes under foreclosure. Many homeowners do not receive notices of surplus funds after the foreclosure sale when the home is vacated and there is no valid forwarding address.
  • Before Surplus Government Funds can file a claim, the rightful owner must sign a legal agreement with Surplus Government Funds which allows us to file a claim on the owner’s behalf.
  • After we receive your agreement and the necessary information required to establish your right to claim the funds we will review the information to make sure we have the best chance of successfully claiming the funds.
  • Surplus Government Funds will then, notify, and file a claim on behalf of the rightful party to retrieve the funds due to them.
  • Finally, once the funds have been disbursed, we remit the payment to you via whichever payment method is most suitable for you.
How do you know how much surplus funds I am owed?2021-11-11T04:34:27+00:00

We leverage access to over 1200 governmental agencies, private archives, a twentieth-century research approach, probates, land records, military archives, voter registrations, and many other complex searches.

When will I receive the surplus funds?2021-11-11T04:41:17+00:00

We understand why most people are eager to know how long it will take to get surplus funds from a foreclosure sale. Getting your money back fast is important, and our foreclosure attorneys will fight to get you the difference back as quickly as possible. These cases are complex, and in order to recover your funds, each case is reviewed thoroughly by our legal counsel.

Can I do this myself?2021-11-11T04:41:39+00:00

This process is an overwhelming complex process which takes expertise, research abilities, and the ability to navigate thru bureaucracy and endless hoops and the red tape to get the final approvals necessary. Each state, county and city have different laws regarding the identification and delivery of assets.

When do I have to pay your company?2021-11-11T04:42:06+00:00

Surplus Government Funds NEVER charge you upfront. We provide a flat rate as outlined in our agreement. We will not collect a dime unless we have successfully recovered your excess proceed funds.

How will I receive my surplus funds?2022-04-14T02:23:22+00:00

Surplus Government Funds will ACH your money directly to your checking account or you can opt to have a cashiers check mailed to you via next day mail.

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