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Surplus Government Funds is a market leader in providing unclaimed or lost financial assets to their legal and rightful owners. Using a proprietary process and leveraging access to over 1200 governmental agencies, private archives, a twentieth century research approach, probates, land records, military archives, voter registrations, and many other complex searches, Surplus Government Funds is able to connect the rightful owners to the recovery of their assets.

This process is an overwhelming complex process which takes expertise, research abilities, and the ability to navigate thru bureaucracy and endless hoops and the red tape to get the final approvals necessary. Each state, county and city have different laws regarding the identification and delivery of assets.

Surplus Government Funds unites the legal owner to their rightful unclaimed assets. It is your money not the governments’ money.

There are no advance fees or hidden costs. Our goal is to provide you excellent service tailored to meet your particular needs.

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This is, for many people, hard to believe.
The government doesn’t have the time, resources or funding to get the surplus funds and excess proceeds back to the rightful owner.

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Tax Deeds Excess Proceed

We have been in the industry for years and have gathered diverse experience in filing claims for a number of our clients. And through each case that we have dealt with, we have learned something new.

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Account Surplus

Our team will track down bank accounts you may have forgotten about and locate money you thought was lost. We are equipped with in-depth real estate insight and strong legal knowledge, we ready to help.

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